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27 Aug Kidney Transplant Educational Video

5 minutes read A kidney transplant is considered the best treatment for people with advanced Chronic Kidney Disease (“CKD”). It most closely mirrors the function of one’s own kidneys and as a result people with transplants experience a better quality of life and longer survival (life expectancy) ...
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23 Jul CMS MY2 Benchmarks and 2022 PPS Proposed Rule

2 minutes read CMS has made two major announcements regarding kidney care and dialysis treatments. These announcements are in regards to the Model Measurement Year 2 (MY2) Benchmarks and the proposed rule for Prospective Payment in 2022. If approved, these two changes will go in effect January 01, ...
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16 Jul Post Pandemic Tips for Creating a Healthier Lifestyle

2 minutes read “Quarantine-15”, a spin-off of the infamous “Freshman 15” gained by college freshman, refers to the weight gain many have experienced since the onset of COVID-19. Stay-at-home orders and the disruption of routines contributed to a significant change in the diets of people worldwide. ...
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09 Jul Sunshine, Pools, and Summertime Kidney Rules

2 minutes read Summer has officially made its warm and sunny debut which means the next few months are destined to be filled with fun! Vacations, outside time, barbecues, and sporting events are just some of the fun things that come to mind. Whatever summer means to you, make sure that your kidney ...
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02 Jul Introduction to Modalities Educational Video

4 minutes read Different types of kidney disease treatments are called modalities. They are hemodialysis or “HD” (in-center or at home), peritoneal dialysis or “PD” and kidney transplant. Which type you undergo is your choice, some may choose not to get treated.
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