Baking festive treats with kidney-friendly ingredients


30 Nov Baking festive treats with kidney-friendly ingredients

Everyone has some smells, flavors, and even sounds that bring holiday memories and warm feelings into their hearts. Maybe you enjoy baking cookies or maybe you like to bake a pie. Perhaps, you would like to bake your grandma’s holiday cookies but are interested in using healthier ingredients, or maybe you need to use substitutes because of a dietary restriction...



Here are a few options for substitutions that can be made to keep some of your favorite holiday treats more kidney-friendly (as listed by Kidney Foundation).

Which ingredients are healthier options?

Depending on a person’s dietary requirements, an individual may have to make substitutions for some recipes. For example, most gingerbread cookies are made with molasses and molasses comes with a significant amount of potassium. Individuals that have chronic kidney disease might choose to limit foods high in sodium, potassium, and phosphorus.

In general, some recipes could be changed to be more kidney friendly. Here are some suggestions to make your favorite recipes lower in potassium, sodium, phosphorus and calcium.

You could substitute low potassium honey for molasses or you could use dark corn syrup, another option is to try adding flavor with maple syrup instead. These ingredients are low in phosphorus, but the potassium content varies.

If the recipe calls for eggs, know that eggs are higher in cholesterol and phosphorous, try substituting with egg whites.

If you are trying to watch your phosphorus intake, you might consider making the following modifications:

  • Substitute milk with unenriched rice or almond beverage.
  • Use small amounts of cheese or choose cream cheese if it fits.
  • Try using a small amount of whipped topping (like Cool Whip®) instead of whipping cream.
  • Use unsalted nuts, or maybe choose to leave them out.

It is recommended that you check the nutrition charts before combining ingredients when you are baking. These are just a few options for substitutions that can be made to keep some of your favorite holiday treats on the menu.


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