Consolidated View of Performance


19 Sep Consolidated View of Performance

Are you looking for new ways to enhance patient care while improving business performance and profits? Data-driven decision-making may be the missing link!


In the rapidly changing dialysis sector, the pressure on Care Teams and Management to make accurate and timely decisions has never been greater. Data integrity and security is crucial to supporting this aim.


In order to be reliable, data must remain recorded exactly as intended no matter how long it is stored or accessed. Data integrity means not having to question the overall accuracy and consistency of your data over the course of its life-cycle. It’s having the confidence that your EHR is designed with an optimized structure that captures the right data the first time. Data integrity also ensures that your data is safe and secured from any outside forces.  


The time is now to empower your organization through the use of cloud-based and patient-centric tools developed to ensure data integrity and accessibility for years to come. Next-generation tools that accurately support continuity of care and enable the dialysis organization to efficiently scale with confidence and peace of mind.

| Physician Engagement 

Efficiently tailor your Physician Rounding for better Patient Outcomes. Use today’s best-in-class ESRD Software to make the workflow fluid and easily accessible from any location. Simplify your rounding activities through real-time communication of assigned takeaways immediately visible to the discipline responsible for managing the action.

Provide the proactive management of care and track monthly progress on each patient to ensure smooth and timely completion for full capitation.

| Staff Engagement 

Enable caregivers with the flexibility and confidence to seamlessly transition patients between Inpatient and Acute settings. With versatile functionality that allows you to easily transfer or schedule patients across different settings, continuity of care is maximized by conveniently accessing all pertinent data from a single dedicated store of patient records.

Access the patient’s comprehensive history within a Single Database that supports All Modalities. Leverage a fully self-contained SaaS Solution for a universal and unparalleled User Experience.


| Patient Engagement 

Improve your patients' engagement and compliance by giving them and their loved one's access to a fully customizable, web-based Patient Portal. Provide them with the health records and treatment results you choose and let them take ownership of their dialysis care.

Make the transition to a fully-integrated platform, a comprehensive dialysis solution built with a controlled data dictionary enabling rapid innovations and more consistently leads to the best possible health outcomes for your patients.


| Management Engagement 

EMR & Billing Data on Demand, BI tool-set, allow you to compare more than 700+ data points to identify trends and gain a deeper understanding of your business. Using reliable real-time treatment data, it’s easier than ever to create Predictive Models and proactively track your KPIs.

Customize your Quality Reports or choose one of the standardized QIP, QAPI and Core Survey templates. Minimize lost, dropped or denied charges by identifying actionable insights derived from Aging Report, Revenue and Collection Report, Revenue per Treatment and Other Analysis Reports.