Data Mining at Your Fingertips


25 Sep Data Mining at Your Fingertips

Do you know what patient data to collect or the process to mine the data? If you could save time and organize the data, would you? Have you ever thought about how to measure and track results overtime?


Gaia's EMR & Billing Data on Demand, BI tool-set, allows you to compare more than 700+ data points to identify trends and gain a deeper understanding of your business. Using reliable real-time treatment data, it’s easier than ever to create Predictive Models and proactively track your KPIs.  


EMR "DoD" Data on Demand

Customize your Quality Reports or choose one of the standardized Quality Incentive Program “QIP”,  Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement "QAPI", QMAT also known as the DFR report, and Core Survey templates.


Billing "DoD" Data on Demand

Minimize lost, dropped or denied charges by identifying actionable insights derived from Aging Report, Revenue and Collection Report, Revenue per Treatment and Other Analysis Reports.


Use Case. One of our successful Customers has customized Gaia's Data on Demand (DoD) export for their specific QIP and QAPI needs. Using the provided data set they have also created their own pivot table and views to address and breakdown proprietary measure used to assess their advanced business needs.




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