Post Pandemic Tips for Creating a Healthier Lifestyle


16 Jul Post Pandemic Tips for Creating a Healthier Lifestyle

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“Quarantine-15”, a spin-off of the infamous “Freshman 15” gained by college freshman, refers to the weight gain many have experienced since the onset of COVID-19. Stay-at-home orders and the disruption of routines contributed to a significant change in the diets of people worldwide. Now that COVID restrictions are starting to be lifted in most states in the U.S., many of us will find ourselves back in the office which provides the perfect opportunity to develop new habits!

Here are 4 tips to help you shed the “Quarantine 15” during your workday:


  1. Meal prep healthy lunches

It’s easy to opt for quick fast food instead of packing a lunch. The most common excuse is the lack of time in the morning to get a lunch packed. An easy solution for this is to plan and prep your weekly lunches on Sunday so that you can easily grab one and head out the door!


  1. Utilize your smart watch for daily movement, standing, and activity goals

Most all smart watches have an activity tracker that monitors steps taken, activity goals, and standing. Satisfy your move goal by taking the stairs, parking farther away from the building, or taking a walk during your lunch break. Little changes make a big impact on your move goal!


  1. Keep a water bottle at your desk

Water is your best friend when trying to limit calorie intake and to live a healthier life. Staying hydrated can reduce appetite and keep you full longer. Drinking water is also vital in helping the body remove harmful waste from the body. Dehydration causes the kidneys to retain fluid, digestive problems, and fatigue.


  1. Stock up your snack drawer with healthy options

We’ve all stood in front of the vending machine asking ourselves if chips or a candy bar is a better option for a mid-day snack. Avoid putting yourself in this circumstance by bringing your own snacks to work. Some good options for healthy snacks are: granola bars, almonds, carrots with hummus, trail mix, celery with almond butter, fresh and dried fruit, or a low-calorie popcorn.