Gaia Software Announces NEW Data Exporting Tools


20 Aug Gaia Software Announces NEW Data Exporting Tools

In an ongoing commitment to deliver renal dialysis providers with the tools needed to ensure the best patient care possible, Gaia Software is announcing the roll out of an incredible new feature that will be available from within their already robust renal EHR system. Gaia has been working closely with key customers to develop these powerful data exporting tools that allow users to more easily analyze meaningful data on demand.

Gaia’s initial Quality Measures and Analytics Tool (QMAT) was an aggregation of a large set of patient data delivered to providers so they could analyze key elements of patient care. The beta QMAT version has been overhauled, using customer feedback, to ensure the version ready for release provides resources that allow users to:


  • Trend and monitor annual QIP scoring data
  • Form a solid foundation for developing or enhancing a QAPI program
  • Have timely access to data for a Core Survey
  • Perform oversight on medication orders and administrations
  • Identify overall trends in patient outcomes


This, in turn, allows them to more quickly and effectively introduce key interventions. The reality is that the power behind delivering vital information to the right people at the right time is limitless.


Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the data exporting tools, however, is the ability to get customized templates to meet the needs of individuals or specific dialysis facilities.


When asked the reasoning behind developing the new data exporting tools Gaia’s Founder and CEO, Bruce Thompson said, “Our philosophy is to listen to the needs of the professionals on the front lines of dialysis treatment and to create solutions for these providers that are easy to use and efficient in providing the right data to improve quality outcomes.”


New Gaia customers now have the option to include the data export tools with their EHR system out of the box and existing customers can expect the updated tools to be available in October. This release coincides with another substantial update that Gaia will be announcing in the weeks to come.


For more information please contact Gaia Software at (303) 973-3652 or