Gift ideas for individuals with CKD & ESKD


30 Nov Gift ideas for individuals with CKD & ESKD

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift this holiday season or maybe thinking about creating a holiday “wish list”?

We compared and sorted the ideas that dialysis patients might appreciate. These gifts focus on comfort, health and convenience of someone living with chronic kidney disease. Why not wrapping a few of these items together for a practical kidney-friendly gift basket? 😉


Here are a few items you might find on Amazon or Kidney-buzz.

Gifts up to $25

  • Fistula Protector Wristband helps dialysis patients protect the AV Fistulas
  • Blanket – this is a thoughtful gift since dialysis patients spend quite a bit of time in cold treatment centers
  • Hat – most CKD patients suffer from low immune system and are more prone to the common cold or flu; help your loved one keep their head warm to avoid getting sick

Gifts up to $50

  • Dialysis Arm Sleeve – helps limit harmful infections and covers the Fistula so that it is more discrete
  • Comfortable Pillow – stay comfortable when sitting in a chair during treatments; a pillow for the back and seat will offer extra support and cushion, so when a patient leaves their treatments, they won’t be as stiff or sore
  • Insulated Water Bottle - perfect for the patients to help them keep track of water intake 

Gifts up to $100

  • Wireless headphones or earbuds – no more tangled cords and with a variety of colors to choose from; provide entertainment and help pass the time
  • Dialysis Zipper Access Sweatshirt – perfect for warmth and convenience; this sweatshirt has a full-length zipper arm access to use AV Fistula while minimizing the body temperatures to the cold