Kidney-friendly foods that revamp Thanksgiving


29 Oct Kidney-friendly foods that revamp Thanksgiving

Are you planning or cooking for Thanksgiving? If so, you may be wondering what types of foods to choose for the big holiday meal? Or maybe you are looking for healthier options that are easier on the kidneys?


How to start

Plan ahead before buying for your Thanksgiving meal and know what to prepare before you start cooking. If you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time, perhaps watch a video with Gordan Ramsay, or research some recipes to follow.


What foods are kidney-friendly?

After a Thanksgiving meal we often feel sleepy or sluggish. Turkey contains a large amino acid called tryptophan. It seems that the turkey’s tryptophan dose is amplified by the sweet pie and starchy sides, so why not provide some options that are on the lighter side?


Here are a few options to help make your Thanksgiving meal kidney-friendly.



Be mindful, provide and eat appetizers that will protect your health and energy levels. Individuals that have kidney disease might choose to limit foods high in sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and protein which are often hidden in many appetizers.


  1. Raw Veggies
  2. Low-Potassium Fruits
  3. Unsalted Snacks
  4. Low-Sodium Cheese Spreads

    Main Course

It is important to eat smaller portion sizes and keep in mind that the amount of protein a person should eat with CKD differs depending on the stage of kidney disease.


  1. Multiple vegetables
  2. Meats including turkey
  3. Starches avoid heavy potatoes


If you are a dinner guest and you need be careful of what you are eating, here are a few helpful tips:


  1. Limit salt
  2. Keep track of the amount of fluids you are getting.
  3. Pick a low-potassium dessert like carrot cake instead of pumpkin or pecan pie