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13 Mar Lifeblood Foundation

Gaia Software, LLC World Kidney Day Press Release | Littleton, Colorado - March 12, 2020

Bruce Thompson, the Founder & CEO of Gaia Software and Drason Consulting Services, today announced the formation and IRS non-profit status determination approval for Lifeblood Foundation. The Foundation’s AIM is for the education, prevention, treatment and cure of Chronic Kidney Disease.


Bruce Thompson is known for his motivational and inspiring attitude towards renal industry issues. Bruce and his son Bryan Thompson, who is also deeply committed to kidney care, personally contributed the first $500,000 to fund Lifeblood Foundation (“Lifeblood”) in its inaugural year.


“Lifeblood seeks to align with forces dedicated to creating positive change.” said Bruce Thompson. “We strongly believe that working together with nephrologists, hospitals, and dialysis providers across the U.S. is the right move to successfully help our long-term goal in improving patient health and building awareness around Chronic Kidney Disease (“CKD”).”


Lifeblood Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing on creating tools and methods for the prevention, education, treatment & cure of CKD. Bruce Thompson hopes to make a difference by helping the provider communities across the kidney industry to be more effective at leading patients to a longer, stronger and healthier quality of life. The newly formed foundation’s primary mission is to promote structural change within the kidney care community through CKD education that will drive advances in prevention, quality of care and patient quality of life.


The Foundation has been established to accelerate advancements in kidney care by bringing education and tools to patients and doctors alike. Awareness in renal care and living a healthy lifestyle are important matters to Bruce Thompson. He has recently experienced renal care on a personal level. Bruce’s daughter has just been diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis and is now at risk for developing permanent kidney disease. His best friend, a diabetic, is currently going through the process of preparing emotionally for dialysis care. Bruce’s grandfather died of acute nephritis when his mom was only 4 years old. His brother was dismissed from the US military when he experienced kidney issues during boot camp. Just to name a few. CKD will touch everyone sometime in their lifetime. 


“We are proud to launch the Lifeblood Foundation. Our everyday goal is to bring better patient care and give patients with Chronic Kidney Disease the chance to live a fuller life.” added Bruce Thompson. “Now, we are not just building leading-edge dialysis-specific operational solutions. We are striving to meet the needs of kidney patients everywhere, at a more personalized grass-roots level, elevating awareness and quality of the CKD care continuum.”