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16 Apr Cares Act Provider Relief Fund

Have you heard that the department of Health and Human Services has announced the distribution of $30 billion of the $100 billion in CARES Act funding to frontline providers in response to the pandemic.? This funding will ensure you have the additional resources needed to battle financial concerns ...
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31 Mar Trump Administration Financial Relief

CMS is concerned that there has been significant disruption to the healthcare industry including a potential financial burden on providers. Therefore, CMS is enacting certain prepayment measures as part of the Trump Administration Financial Relief package to assist medical providers in maintaining ...
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13 Mar Lifeblood Foundation

Gaia Software, LLC World Kidney Day Press Release | Littleton, Colorado - March 12, 2020 Bruce Thompson, the Founder & CEO of Gaia Software and Drason Consulting Services, today announced the formation and IRS non-profit status determination approval for Lifeblood Foundation. The Foundation’s AIM ...
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05 Mar UFR & CROWNWeb Reporting

CROWNWeb Medication Reconciliation must be completed and reported monthly on each patient. Medication Reconciliation data reporting (required by CMS) began in January this year for all hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients.
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26 Dec CMS Releases Updated ESRD Quality Reporting System

Did you know that CMS released an updated version of the ESRD Quality Reporting System (EQRS)/CROWNWeb data-collection system? This release features enhancements that are designed to support users’ data reporting needs during the next calendar year in 2020.
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