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27 Aug Kidney Transplant Educational Video

5 minutes read A kidney transplant is considered the best treatment for people with advanced Chronic Kidney Disease (“CKD”). It most closely mirrors the function of one’s own kidneys and as a result people with transplants experience a better quality of life and longer survival (life expectancy) ...
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02 Jul Introduction to Modalities Educational Video

4 minutes read Different types of kidney disease treatments are called modalities. They are hemodialysis or “HD” (in-center or at home), peritoneal dialysis or “PD” and kidney transplant. Which type you undergo is your choice, some may choose not to get treated.
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12 May How has Covid-19 Affected People Undergoing Dialysis

1 minutes read Dialysis patients are a highly vulnerable demographic due to limited social distancing when receiving treatment. They are also at a higher risk of hospitalization and death due to high risk factors.
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05 Apr CMS Reasons for filing an annual Medicare Cost Report

  1 minute read Why does your facility need to file a Medicare cost report?  There are many reasons. 
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29 Mar What is a Medicare Cost Report?

2 minutes read A Medicare Cost Report is needed for your facility’s reimbursement. Medicare-certified providers are required to complete and submit a cost report on a yearly basis.
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