UFR & CROWNWeb Reporting


05 Mar UFR & CROWNWeb Reporting

CROWNWeb Medication Reconciliation must be completed and reported monthly on each patient. Medication Reconciliation data reporting (required by CMS) began in January this year for all hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients.


The CROWNWeb Patients List is enhanced to group facilities/patients by their NRAA CROWNWeb ID rather than list them by Facility Code. This change simplifies the submission process for locations that provide multiple modalities and have their treatment types broken out as separate facilities. This especially streamlines the process for patients who have switched between modalities during the month.


What if a patient had both HD and PD treatments during the month?

All patients who received treatment at the facilities under the selected CROWNWeb ID are available in the list. If a patient had both HD and PD treatments during the month, the “Export Clinical Data” button will create both the HD and PD clinical files for submission.


Additionally, are you aware QIP requires that a Kt/V value be present with any reported Ultrafiltration (UFR) Rate data? Without the Kt/V, the UFR Rate will not be sent which may lead to a future QIP reduction that will reduce Medicare payments.


What can I do to ensure the Kt/V is present?

To help audit missing data prior to CROWNWeb submission Gaia has added columns to the EQRS Monthly CROWNWeb Patient list that provides users the ability to easily review the completed Med Reconciliation Date, and the patient’s Kt/V result, before file submission.


Users are encouraged to reference these data points and resolve any issues or missing data prior to submission. “Kt/V Data” displays the last Kt/V result the patient received during the selected month at the selected facilities. “Med Rec Date” displays the Effective Date of the latest signed-off, undeleted, evaluation (MD/RN/Team) within that reporting month for the patient that has “Medication Reconciliation Completed” checked.